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Dynamic Load Monitoring DLM

The DLM series load cells are aluminium tension load cells. All load cells up to and including the 50t DLM come in a Pelican case and meet to requirements to fly them as luggage on a standard Qantas flight. The 100t in a small wooden crate weighs approximately 22kg and can also fly on a standard Qantas flight.

The load cell can be turned on and off from the wireless remote - you do not need to lower the load cell from the crane to turn on/off. The unique design of the DLM handset means the user can pair extra load cells to the handset (up to 4 in total). This can easily be completed by the user onsite with only a few button presses.

Calwest Services can calibrate this load cell and issue a NATA endorsed calibration report. Calwest Services can issue a NATA endorsed calibration report up to 300t in tension.